Blocked Sewers

Sewer drains collect waste water from:

  • toilets
  • showers
  • basins
  • bidets
  • baths
  • laundry troughs
  • washing machines
  • dishwashers
  • kitchens sinks

There are number of reasons why a sewer drain will block (foreign objects flushed in toilet, Hair not cleared from shower trap) causing slow drainage.

Gully traps or “overflow relief gullies / disconnector gullies located outside your home are installed into sewer systems as emergency points for water to overflow in the case of a blocked drain. These gully traps can be used by plumbers as an access point to clear simple blockages.

Evidence of Blockage
You can usually hear a gurgling noise made from fixtures or traps. The water seal or trap in some fixtures may become very low or even disappear. If your toilet bowl is displaying low water levels and gurgling (siphonage in the drain) indicates the pipes are nearly or completely blocked.