Blocked Drains

The Cause of Blocked Drains

There are many reasons for blocked drains:

  • Over time pipes may move, misalign or collapse due to tree roots, ground movement ( due to rain or drought)
  • Blockages may be due to foreign objects being flushed which drains are not designed to cope with (eg: sanitary products, toilet deodorant, baby wipes etc)
  • Incorrect installation / leveling, if water is running to slow to dispatch point debris may build up and result in blockages. Drains may block regularly due to insufficient gradient.

Blockages usually result from a small breakage in cement joints or damaged fittings of the pipework. Tree roots looking for moisture (especially during drought periods) work their way through the pipe work, growing and getting larger. Catching rubbish and wastes causing blockages which slowly build up over time. We are usually unaware of the blockage until waste water comes out of the gully trap or overflow relief gully located outside of your hom. Waste water doesn’t come out of fixture traps inside your house it comes from the disconnector trap and the overflow relief gully.

Fixing Blocked Drains

3 Steps to fixing blocked drains:

  • Have the immediate blockage cleared out by Hydrojet to clear all substance from drain. Our water jets have root cutting nozzles capable of removing tree roots, grease build up, silt, rocks and foreign objects.
  • Once the blocked drain is cleared we use a drain camera to identify the exact location of the problem (roots etc) and condition of drain before digging up the offending pipes and replacing them. We have an item called a “Locator”, which we use when we find a damaged or collapsed pipe with our camera, we use the Locator to pin point on ground level exactly where and how deep the problem is. This process ensures we are not unnecessarily replacing sections of pipework.
  • Pipe re-lining is a trenchless pipe repair, but expensive.

DVD – We can also supply a dvd of your drain as evidence of the problem.

In most cases a blocked drain can be unblocked using our water-jet machines. In some cases we use the cable machine to clear large tree roots, then we use the jet to totally remove all Debri and remaining roots. Water jet machines are also great for clearing grease and dirt as well as drains with limited or difficult access. Waterjets are also useful for drains with limited or difficult access, like clearing cooking grease and fats from smaller diameter kitchen sink waste pipes.

Blocked Drains Mornington Peninsula

If tree root is removed from the drain it is extremely likely that this blockage will reoccur. It is always preferable to follow up clearing a blockage with our drain camera and locating equipment to detect any further repair that is needed. How long it takes for the problem to occur again can depend on the type of tree that the root belong to and how quickly it regenerates and how effectively the drain was able to be cleared in the first place, considering a possible break in the pipe or limited access to the pipe.

RootX is a foaming herbicide that can be applied to coat the internal wall of the sewer to kill any remaining tree root after a blockage is cleared, it then acts as a barrier to delay the roots re-growth into the pipe. RootX can then be re-applied on an annual basis, before the pipe blocks again to prevent the need for more expensive and possibly emergency after hours cable or waterjet unblocking. RootX only kills the root that it contacts with and does not harm or poison the tree. As it is a natural herbicide it is not harmful to the sewerage system or the environment.

The best solution if practical is to dig up the damaged section of pipe and replace it with new PVC pipe. If fall and sufficient gradient is installed and cause for the pipe breaking in the first place is eliminated then the problem shouldn’t reoccur.

Septic Tank Drains

Septic drain fields often get full of tree roots and need cleaning out regulary to keep absorbtion trenches working properly. Absorbtion trenches can be expensive to replace if not maintained properly.

Preventing Blocked Drains

CPS Plumbing and Drainage have provided some basic tips to prevent blocked drains:

  • Do not flush plastics, fabrics, petrol, solvents, paints, or any non-biodegradable products into the sewer.
  • Do not plant large trees on top of underground sewer lines.
  • Put cooking fat and hair in the bin instead of down the sink or toilet.
  • Put food waste and coffee grindings in the bin.
  • Do not cover or block any external grates or overflows.